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Method 1 - Quick and Dirty

  1. In Roblox Studio, select the folder where you keep your third party modules / utilities.
  2. Run this in the command bar:

Method 2 - Manual

  1. Visit the latest release
  2. Under Assets, click Promise.lua
    • Using Rojo? Put the file into your game directly.
    • Using Roblox Studio? Open the file, copy its contents, and paste into a ModuleScript and call it Promise.

Method 3 - Git Submodule

  1. Add the Promise repository as a git submodule (ideally within a folder called submodules) (tutorial here)
  2. Update your Rojo configuration to point to the appropriate path and sync the file in.

Method 4 - Package Manager

Using a package manager? The repository has a rotriever.toml.


Now, check out the API reference!