# Set-up

# Installation

The easiest way to get started with Cmdr is to install the RoStrap Roblox Studio plugin, open the RoStrap interface in a place, and then install "Cmdr". This will instantly download and build the newest version of Cmdr right from GitHub.


# Method 2 - Manual

You can download the latest model file release from the releases section, but this may not always be the most up to date version of Cmdr. You'll want to put this is a server directory, like ServerScriptService.

# Method 3 - Advanced

Cmdr has no dependencies, so it can also be easily included as a Git submodule and synced in with the rest of your project with Rojo. If you don't know how to do this already, then please see method 1 😃

# Server

You should create a folder to keep your commands inside, and then register them on the server. However, you only need to register commands and types on the server. There should be no need to modify the actual Cmdr library itself.

    The Cmdr GUI will be inserted into StarterGui if it doesn't already exist. You can customize the GUI to your liking (changing colors, etc.) if you play the game, copy the GUI, stop the game, and then paste it in to StarterGui. Of course, this is completely optional.


    You need to require Cmdr on the server and on the client for it to be fully loaded. Keep going! ↓

    # Client

    From the client, you also need to require the CmdrClient module.

    If not using RoStrap, then after the server code above runs, CmdrClient will be inserted into ReplicatedStorage automatically.

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