# Changelog

# [3.1.0] - 2020-12-01

# Added

  • Added Promise.fold (#47)

# [3.0.1] - 2020-08-24

# Fixed

  • Make Promise.is work with promises from old versions of the library (#41)
  • Make Promise.delay properly break out of the current loop (#40)
  • Allow upvalues captured by queued callbacks to be garbage collected when the Promise resolves by deleting the queues when the Promise settles (#39)

# [3.0.0] - 2020-08-17

# Changed

  • Promise.delay now uses os.clock
  • Made Promise.delay behavior more consistent when creating new timers in the callback of a timer.

# [3.0.0-rc.3] - 2020-07-10

# Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where queued andThen and catch callbacks did not begin on their own new threads.

# [3.0.0-rc.1] - 2020-06-02

# Changed

  • Runtime errors are now represented by objects. You must call tostring on rejection values before assuming they are strings (this was always good practice, but is required now).
  • Yielding is now allowed in Promise.new, andThen, and Promise.try executors.
  • Errors now have much better stack traces due to using xpcall internally instead of pcall.
  • Stack traces will now be more direct and not include as many internal calls within the Promise library.
  • Chained promises from resolve() or returning from andThen now have improved rejection messages for debugging.
  • Promise.async has been renamed to Promise.defer (Promise.async references same function for compatibility)
  • Promises now have a __tostring metamethod, which returns Promise(Resolved) or whatever the current status is.
  • Promise:timeout() now rejects with a Promise.Error(Promise.Error.Kind.TimedOut) object. (Formerly rejected with the string "Timed out")
  • Attaching a handler to a cancelled Promise now rejects with a Promise.Error(Promise.Error.Kind.AlreadyCancelled). (Formerly rejected with the string "Promise is cancelled")
  • Let Promise:expect() throw rejection objects

# Added

  • New Promise Error class is exposed at Promise.Error, which includes helpful static methods like Promise.Error.is.
  • Added Promise:now() (#23)
  • Added Promise.each (#21)
  • Added Promise.retry (#16)
  • Added Promise.fromEvent (#14)
  • Improved test coverage for asynchronous and time-driven functions

# Fixed

  • Changed Promise.is to be safe when dealing with tables that have an __index metamethod that creates an error.
  • Promise.delay resolve value (time passed) is now more accurate (previously passed time based on when we started resuming threads instead of the current time. This is a very minor difference.)

# [2.5.1]

  • Fix issue with rejecting with non-string not propagating correctly.

# [2.5.0]

  • Add Promise.tap
  • Fix bug with C functions not working when passed to andThen
  • Fix issue with Promise.race/all always cancelling instead of only cancelling if the Promise has no other consumers
  • Make error checking more robust across many methods.
  • Promise.Status members are now strings instead of symbols, and indexing a non-existent value will error.
  • Improve stack traces
  • Promise.promisify will now turn errors into rejections even if they occur after a yield.
  • Add Promise.try
  • Add done, doneCall, doneReturn
  • Add andThenReturn, finallyReturn
  • Add Promise.delay, promise:timeout
  • Add Promise.some, Promise.any
  • Add Promise.allSettled
  • Promise.all and Promise.race are now cancellable.

# [2.4.0]

  • Promise.is now only checks if the object is "andThennable" (has an andThen method).

# [2.3.1]

  • Make unhandled rejection warning trigger on next Heartbeat

# [2.3.0]

  • Remove Promise.spawn from the public API.
  • Promise.async still inherits the behavior from Promise.spawn.
  • Promise.async now wraps the callback in pcall and rejects if an error occurred.
  • Promise.new has now has an explicit error message when attempting to yield inside of it.

# [2.2.0]

  • Promise.promisify now uses coroutine.wrap instead of Promise.spawn

# [2.1.0]

  • Add finallyCall, andThenCall
  • Add awaitValue

# [2.0.0]

  • Add Promise.race
  • Add Promise.async
  • Add Promise.spawn
  • Add Promise.promisify
  • finally now silences the unhandled rejection warning
  • onCancel now returns if the Promise was cancelled at call time.
  • Cancellation now propagates downstream.
  • Add Promise:awaitStatus
  • Calling resolve with a Promise while the resolving Promise is cancelled instantly cancels the passed Promise as an optimization.
  • finally now passes the Promise status as a parameter.