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250,000+ Robloxians verified

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Key Features

Verified users can be nicknamed to their Roblox name and given a specific role upon verification.

Other features like a customizable nickname format, removing a certain role upon verification, or toggling off certain features altogether.

Nicknames are checked on a regular basis to ensure users don't change them.

Completely open source and self-hostable.

Group integration — Full support for giving roles to group members meeting an array of customizable parameters.

Support for other role integrations, such as user owning an asset (like a gamepass or badge) or DevForum membership.

With hundreds of thousands of users verified already, Roblox Discord veterans won't have to verify again to join your community.

Actively maintained and updated.

Getting Set Up

For the most up-to-date guide, please see the project's README file. There, you will find detailed explanations of how the bot works, list of commands, and more. If you still have trouble, feel free to join our community support server.

Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

User Verification Issues

Somtimes a user will report that they are having issues verifying themselves. This is nearly always caused by a small user error, so please ask them to: